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Roibos tea is certainly one of the most popular teas in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that it is considered to be a popular tea and is also very suitable for children. Here in the tea shop at you can order a particularly fine selection of delicious rooibos tea online. This also applies to our delicious and favourable herbal teas.

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Robert tea tastes delicious and is healthy

Roibos tea comes from South Africa and is made there from the leaves and shoot tips of the shrub of the same name. It is also considered the national drink there. After fermentation, the tea resembles black tea in appearance. As with our inexpensive lapacho tea, which you can order quickly and easily here at, the rooibos tea also contains no caffeine.

Enjoy rooibos tea and benefit from its many advantages

Delicious Roibusch blends offer pure variety

Here at you will find not only pure Roibusch teas but also a wide range of flavoured varieties. The selection ranges from vanilla and orange to almond or cherry. A good example of this is our Roibusch African Summer, which is flavoured with mango and orange pieces, among other things.

Roibusch tea preparation is quick and easy

Roibos tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. In general, however, it must first be brewed with boiling water. As rooibos tea does not contain any tannins, it can generally steep for longer without tasting bitter. However, we recommend a brewing time of two to three minutes for the full flavour experience.

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From now on, you can enjoy the many different types of rooibos tea from our tea shop range to the full. In addition to pure raw fruit teas, you can also choose from delicious blends with a seasonal focus (e.g. winter teas). At we also offer organic raw fruit teas, which always meet the highest ecological and social standards. So order your personal favourite tea from our Roibusch tea department today.

  • Roibos tea contains many minerals such as zinc.
  • The tea is also an ideal thirst quencher as it has isotonic properties.
  • Roibos can be drunk both hot and cold.
  • Roibos tea contains no caffeine and no tannins. It is therefore particularly suitable for children and pregnant women, among others.
    1. High-quality selection of rooibos teas and rooibos tea blends
    2. Detailed product descriptions and preparation instructions
    3. Option to have the rooibos tea gift-wrapped right away
    4. Competent advice from our employees
    5. Tea can be ordered in various packaging sizes (up to 1.5 kilos) at any time.

Discover the variety of flavoured rooibos teas at Lerbs & Hagedorn

Welcome to our category of flavoured raw fruit teas! Here you will find a wide selection of delicious teas that will delight your palate and offer you a unique flavour experience. As a tea drinker, you will be delighted by the wide variety that we have ready for you in our online shop. Rooibos tea is not only known for its beneficial properties, but also for its unique flavour. Our flavoured rooibos teas combine the natural flavours of rooibos with various fruits, spices and flowers. The result is harmonious and balanced tea blends that can be enjoyed on their own or with a dash of milk or honey.
One problem that many tea drinkers have is the search for a variety of teas with a convincing flavour. They offer you a wide range of flavours, from fruity-fresh to spicy-exotic.
Our flavoured rooibos teas are carefully selected and put together by renowned tea experts. We attach great importance to quality and only use high-quality ingredients to offer you an incomparable flavour experience. Every cup of tea should be a moment of relaxation and enjoyment.
In our range you will find a variety of flavoured rooibos teas that cover different flavours. Do you love fruity teas? Then why not try our flavoured fruit teas with a blend of exotic fruits such as pineapple, mango and papaya. Or how about our spice blends or a composition of savoury spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves? For those who prefer classic flavours, we also have a selection of traditional flavours such as vanilla or caramel. Our Roibusch vanilla transports you to a world of sweet seduction with its creamy vanilla flavour, while our Roibusch caramel tantalises your senses with its caramel aroma. No matter which flavoured rooibos tea you choose, you can be sure that you are getting a high-quality product that has been made with great attention to detail. Enjoy the variety of flavours and find your personal favourite.
Discover the world of flavoured rooibos teas at Lerbs & Hagedorn and be enchanted by the delicious tea blends. Order today and experience a unique flavour experience in your teacup!

Discover flavoured rooibos teas now!

Discover the fascinating world of flavoured Rooibos teas and let yourself be enchanted by floral and spicy aromas. From exotic blends to Christmas specialities - this article contains all the tips and tricks for preparation. Find out about the benefits of flavoured rooibos tea for tea drinkers and get inspired. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of flavoured rooibos teas and become a tea expert! Here you will find everything a tea drinker's heart desires.
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  1. Definition and introduction of the topic
  2. Meaning and popularity of flavoured rooibos tea
  1. Cinnamon rooibos tea
  2. Ginger rooibos tea
  1. Note the water temperature and brewing time
  2. Sifting and refining the tea

A. Introduction

1. Introduction and presentation of the topic

Welcome, dear readers, to another exciting blog article from the "Flavoured Rooibos Tea" category. Today I would like to take you on a journey into the fascinating world of flavoured rooibos tea, focusing in particular on the importance and popularity of this special tea indulgence.
Rooibos tea has long since ceased to be an insider tip among tea drinkers. But what makes it so special? In addition to its mild taste, a variety of health-promoting ingredients and its caffeine-free nature, one variant of red tea in particular has made a name for itself: flavoured rooibos tea.

2. Importance and popularity of flavoured rooibos tea

The flavouring gives the already delicious tea an additional taste experience. Whether fruity berries, exotic mango or fine vanilla - the choice of different flavours is almost unlimited. This makes every sip a flavourful revelation for our senses.
The popularity of flavoured rooibos tea is growing day by day. More and more tea drinkers are discovering the variety and enjoyment that this tea offers. Whether as a hot infusion or as a refreshing iced tea in summer - flavoured rooibos tea delights young and old alike.
We hope that this brief introduction to the world of flavoured rooibos tea has inspired you and that you now want to try out different varieties for yourself. Stay tuned for more interesting articles from the flavoured rooibos tea category!

B. Flavoured red fruit teas

1. Fruity flavours

a. Strawberry rooibos tea

The "Flavoured Rooibos Tea" category offers a variety of fruity flavours that will make every tea drinker's heart beat faster. Two flavours are particularly popular: strawberry rooibos tea and mango rooibos tea. Both offer a flavour experience that is second to none.
The strawberry rooibos tea has an intense strawberry flavour and a pleasant sweetness. Every sip is like a bite of juicy, ripe strawberries - simply irresistible! The tea also has a wonderful red colour, which alone puts you in a good mood. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, this flavoured rooibos tea is an absolute highlight for all lovers of fruity notes.

b. Mango rooibos tea

Another highlight in the world of flavoured rooibos teas is mango rooibos tea. This exotic treat transports you directly to white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue sea. The intense mango flavour blends harmoniously with the mild taste of the rooibos tea and brings a smile to your face. The pleasantly sweet flavour lets you forget everyday life and provides moments of pure relaxation.
Whether you are already a fan of flavoured rooibos tea or are just discovering it - these two varieties are definitely worth a try! Their fruity flavours bring variety to your teacup and enrich your tea enjoyment. So, let yourself be seduced by strawberry rooibos tea and mango rooibos tea and experience fruity flavour explosions that will make your tea heart beat faster!

2.Floral flavours

a. Lavender rooibos tea

Fruity flavours are a popular choice among tea drinkers looking for a refreshing yet tasty cup of tea. In this category, we present two flavoured rooibos teas that will delight you with their fruity notes: lavender rooibos tea and jasmine rooibos tea.
The lavender rooibos tea combines the calming scent of lavender flowers with the gentle sweetness of rooibos tea. When brewed, a wonderfully floral aroma unfolds that immediately transports you to Mediterranean climes. This tea is not only a real treat for your senses, but is also known for its relaxing effect on the mind and body.
For all lovers of exotic flavours, we recommend our jasmine rooibos tea. The fine jasmine flowers are carefully added to the mild, spicy flavour of the rooibos, creating a harmonious moment of pleasure. With every sip, you immerse yourself in a world full of floral nuances - without any artificial additives!

b. Jasmine rooibos tea

Discover these two fruity, flavoured varieties from our selection of high-quality red teas now! Let yourself be enchanted by their irresistible charm and enjoy moments of absolute tea pleasure.
Look forward to exciting flavour combinations and valuable tips for preparation! Until then, we recommend you try these fruity flavours and add a new facet to your tea enjoyment.
Immerse yourself in the world of flavoured rooibos teas and be inspired by their variety! We not only offer traditional tea classics, but also unusual creations that will enchant your senses. Enjoy every sip - it's worth it!

C. Spicy flavours

1. Cinnamon-rooibos tea

Cinnamon rooibos tea and ginger rooibos tea
Flavoured teas are a delicious way to enjoy an extraordinary taste experience. In this category of flavoured rooibos teas, we would like to introduce you to two special varieties: cinnamon rooibos tea and ginger rooibos tea.
The cinnamon rooibos tea combines the warming effect of cinnamon with the gentle sweetness of rooibos tea. This tea is perfect for cold days, as it not only smells pleasantly of Christmas, but also tantalises your senses.

2. Ginger rooibos tea

For all lovers of spicy flavours, we recommend the ginger-rooibos tea. The spicy kick of this tea is enhanced by the fiery flavour of fresh ginger.
Both variants offer a harmonious blend of exotic spices and the mild, nutty character of rooibos tea. You can enjoy these teas either pure or flavoured with a little honey, depending on your personal taste. Whether you want to warm up on a cosy evening or simply discover the variety of flavours of rooibos tea, these spicy flavours will delight you!
Try the cinnamon rooibos tea and the ginger rooibos tea and let yourself be enchanted by their unique combination. Immerse yourself in a world full of moments of pleasure and experience the harmonious interplay of spices on your tongue.

D. Flavoured red fruit tea blends

1. Christmas blends Christmas flavours for tea lovers

Gingerbread rooibos tea and orange-cinnamon rooibos tea are two delicious blends that are perfect for the festive season. With their unique flavours, they bring the taste of Christmas straight to your cup.

a. Gingerbread rooibos tea

The gingerbread rooibos tea is a harmonious combination of the invigorating red tea and the traditional spices of the popular biscuit. The scent of cinnamon, cloves and ginger combines with the natural sweetness of rooibos tea to create a truly magical composition. This tea not only tastes delicious, but also has a calming effect on the mind and soul - just the thing after a stressful day shopping for presents or baking biscuits!

b. Orange-cinnamon rooibos tea

If you're craving something a little fruitier, you should definitely try the orange and cinnamon rooibos tea. The refreshing flavour of orange is combined with a warm hint of cinnamon to create a real winter treat. Every sip of this tea immediately puts you in a Christmassy mood! Whether in the morning to wake up or in the evening to relax in front of the fire - this aromatic blend always ensures pure enjoyment.
Whether you're a fan of spicy treats such as gingerbread or prefer fruity notes, these two wintery raw fruit tea blends offer something for every taste. Let yourself be pampered by their enticing flavours and enjoy the festive time of year to the full!
In our online shop you will find a large selection of flavoured rooibos tea blends, including these delicious Christmas varieties. Order your personalised tea blend today and let yourself be enchanted by the wintery flavours!

2. Exotic blends a. Coconut pineapple rooibos tea 

Exotic blends: Cool adventures with coconut-pineapple rooibos tea and passion fruit-peach rooibos tea
Immerse yourself in the world of exotic flavours and experience true explosions of taste with our exquisite, flavoured rooibos teas. Today we present two extraordinary creations that will enchant both your senses and your palate: the coconut-pineapple rooibos tea and the passion fruit-peach rooibos tea.
The coconut-pineapple-rooibos tea is a tropical temptation of a special kind. The sweet pineapple combines harmoniously with the creamy flavour of coconut to create a truly indulgent experience. With every sip, this tea transports you to a white sandy beach in the bright sunshine - simply wonderful!

b. Passion fruit and peach rooibos tea

Our second tip for real tea lovers is the passion fruit and peach rooibos tea. Here, juicy peaches meet the fruity, tart flavour of sun-kissed passion fruit - a combination that is second to none! This tea not only promises a flavourful treat, but also awakens your longing for distant lands.
Whether you are dreaming of a Caribbean island or prefer to wander through fragrant orchards, our exotic rooibos teas will take you on an unforgettable journey full of moments of pleasure. Taste your way through our flavoured varieties and discover your personal favourites.
Take a break from everyday life and let the sun shine into your cup with our exotic blends. Whether as an accompaniment to a relaxing reading session or as a refreshing alternative to coffee - these teas are true all-rounders.
So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the flavour of faraway places and let yourself be seduced by coconut-pineapple rooibos tea and passion fruit-peach rooibos tea! Your tea adventures start now - enjoy them!

E. Preparation tips for flavoured rooibos tea

1. Observe water temperature and infusion time

Preparing a delicious cup of rooibos tea is a true art, and when you add different flavours, the taste experience is simply incomparable. In this section, we would like to give you some valuable tips on how to prepare your flavoured rooibos tea to perfection.
An important aspect of tea preparation is the water temperature. For optimum enjoyment, you should make sure that the water is not boiling hot. A temperature of around 90°C is best for rooibos tea leaves. This releases the essential oils in the tea and allows their full flavour to unfold.
The brewing time also plays a decisive role in brewing the tea. In general, we recommend a brewing time of 5-7 minutes for flavoured rooibos varieties. This gives the tea enough time to develop its natural sweetness and at the same time absorb the selected flavour

2. Infusing and refining the tea

When it comes to sweetening or refining your tea, you have numerous options to choose from! A classic is certainly honey - this gives your drink a pleasantly sweet flavour without being overpowering. Alternatively, you can also use brown sugar or agave syrup - depending on your personal preference.
To further intensify the flavour of your tea, you can garnish it with fresh mint leaves or lemon slices. These little details give your tea a refreshing flavour and make the drinking experience even more enjoyable.
We hope that these preparation tips for flavoured rooibos tea will help you! Feel free to experiment a little and discover your personal favourite combinations of flavours. Enjoy your tea to the full – every sip is a little moment of happiness!

F. Conclusion

Discover our large selection of flavoured rooibos teas and other teas in our online shop. Immerse yourself in the world of indulgence and find your favourite tea. Let yourself be enchanted by the diverse flavours and unique taste. Visit our webshop regularly to keep up to date with our latest product launches and tea-related tips. Join us on this journey and experience the fascinating world of tea drinking!


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