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Preparation & storage of lapacho tea

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Lapacho tea is a rather exotic tea flavour in this country, but one that you should definitely not miss out on. After all, the ancient Incas already knew about the benefits of this very special tea. Here in the tea shop at, we have put together a fine selection of lapacho teas for you. Incidentally, this also applies to our favourable Matcha tea range.
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Lapacho tea has many advantages

  • The preparation is simple and offers many variation possibilities
  • Lapacho tea is considered very popular and can be drunk at any time of day.
  • Lapacho tea blends provide a variety of flavour compositions.

Lapacho tea is available pure and as a blend

In our shop you can order pure Lapacho tea or buy flavoured variants. These include Lapacho orange tea, which is flavoured with fine orange peel and aroma. Comparable to our versatile and favourable rooibos tea varieties, you can enjoy a particularly gentle tea that is equally suitable for all age groups.

Buy cheap lapacho tea and enjoy it properly

When it comes to lapacho tea, the most important thing is to prepare it correctly. To do this, you first need to bring a litre of water to the boil and add two lightly steamed cubes of lapacho tea. Firstly, boil the mixture for around five minutes. The tea should then infuse for around 20 minutes before filtering out the brew.

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Discover the many benefits of our Lapacho tea here in the shop at After all, it is a real all-rounder that tastes good at any time and is good for your health. Take a look at our other tea variations (e.g. matcha tea), which you can also order here in a large selection.

Discover the beneficial variety of Lapacho tea - Lerbs & Hagedorn

The delicious Lapacho tea is a real treat for all tea drinkers. In our "Lapacho Tea" category you will find a large selection of high-quality products centred around this unique tea. Immerse yourself in the world of lapacho tea and be inspired by its beneficial effects. Lapacho tea is known for its many positive properties. It is made from the bark of the lapacho tree, which is native to the tropical rainforests of South America. The bark of the tree is carefully harvested and gently dried to preserve the valuable ingredients. The tea impresses with its mild yet aromatic flavour, which is accompanied by a slightly sweet note.

Our range includes various types of lapacho tea, each with its own unique flavour. Whether you opt for the classic lapacho tea or prefer an aromatic blend with additional herbs and spices, you will find what you are looking for here. We also offer lapacho tea in organic quality, for all those who value natural enjoyment.

Lapacho tea is very easy to prepare. Simply pour hot water over a teaspoon of lapacho bark and leave the tea to infuse for around 5-10 minutes. You can enjoy the tea both hot and cold and add honey or lemon to taste. Preparation is quick and easy, so you can enjoy a cup of lapacho tea at any time.

One problem familiar to many tea drinkers is the search for high-quality tea products. The teas on offer are often of inferior quality and disappoint in terms of flavour and effect. At Lerbs & Hagedorn you can be sure that you will only receive the best quality. We attach great importance to carefully selected products and work closely with renowned tea manufacturers. This enables us to offer you a large selection of high-quality lapacho teas that will impress you with their flavour and effect. So don't wait any longer and discover the world of lapacho tea at Lerbs & Hagedorn. Order your favourite tea today and enjoy the beneficial effects of this unique drink. Whether as a daily companion or as a special highlight in cosy moments - lapacho tea is always a good choice. Immerse yourself in the world of lapacho tea and be inspired by its diversity! Order your Lapacho tea from Lerbs & Hagedorn now and experience the ultimate in tea enjoyment!

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Discover the fascinating world of lapacho tea! Find out more about its history, different varieties and how to prepare it correctly. Immerse yourself in a delicious treat that offers a caffeine-free alternative to other teas and surprises with a special flavour. Read on to find out why lapacho tea is the perfect drink for tea drinkers. After reading this article, you will know a lot about lapacho tea and can easily integrate it into your everyday life. And did you know that, according to legend, the indigenous people of Südamerica called lapacho tea the "tree of life"? Immerse yourself in a fascinating story and be enchanted by the diversity of lapacho tea!

Table of contents:

  1. What is lapacho tea?
  2. History and origin of lapacho tea
  1. Red lapacho tea
  2. White lapacho tea
  1. Right dosage
  2. Infusion temperature and infusion time
  1. Caffeine-free option
  2. Special flavour note
  1. Summary of the most important points
  2. Encouragement to try lapacho tea

A) Introduction

1. What is lapacho tea

Lapacho tea - a fascinating journey into the world of tea enjoyment
Welcome to a new voyage of discovery for all tea drinkers out there! Today we want to focus on a very special topic: lapacho tea. If you've always wondered what this unusual drink is all about, you've come to the right place

2. History and origin of lapacho tea

The origins of lapacho tea lie deep in the history of Südamerica. For centuries, it has been honoured by the indigenous peoples of this region as a sacred gift of nature. The bark of the Pau d'Arco tree, from which the tea is extracted, plays a decisive role in this. Using a special process, valuable ingredients are extracted and processed into an aromatic drink.
In our comprehensive article on lapacho tea, we will delve even deeper into this fascinating topic. You can look forward to exciting information: from traditional preparation methods to different varieties. So, be curious and join us on this journey to new horizons of enjoyment.
Lapacho tea - a gift of nature to be discovered. Immerse yourself in the world of this extraordinary drink and be inspired by its diversity. Here you will find everything that makes a tea lover's heart beat faster.

B) Different varieties of lapacho tea

1. Red lapacho tea

Different varieties of lapacho tea - red lapacho tea
In the fascinating world of lapacho tea, there are many different varieties, each with their own unique characteristics and flavours. One of these special varieties is red lapacho tea. Red lapacho tea is characterised by its deep red colour, which is a real feast for the eyes as soon as it is poured into the cup. But this tea not only has a lot to offer visually, it also meets the highest standards in terms of flavour. With its mild, spicy flavour, the red lapacho tea pleasantly soothes the palate. The fine balance between gentle woody notes and a subtle sweet nuance gives this tea an incomparable depth of flavour.
Immerse yourself in the world of lapacho tea enjoyment and discover the diverse range of aromatic facets of this extraordinary beverage with every sip.
So let yourself be inspired by this special type of tea and experience the magic of red lapacho tea!

2. White lapacho tea

Different varieties of lapacho tea - white lapacho tea
In the category "Lapacho tea" there is a variety of interesting and flavourful teas to discover. One particularly popular variety is white lapacho tea, whose unique flavour makes it a real treat for any tea drinker. White lapacho tea is made from the inner bark of the tabebuia tree, which is native to South America. The bark is gently harvested and then carefully dried in order to preserve the precious ingredients as much as possible.
What makes this special lapacho infusion so unique are its milder flavours compared to other varieties of lapacho tea. The white lapacho convinces with a gentle yet refreshing flavour experience. Thanks to its naturally sweet undertone, it is also ideal for savouring without added sugar or honey.
What are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of different Lapacho teas and try the white Lapacho Tea for a completely new taste experience! Be curious about the beneficial effects of this exotic infusion and enjoy a cup of pure pleasure. Let the positive effects convince you while you pamper your body.
In our shop you will find a large selection of high-quality lapacho teas – discover our variety now and find your personal favourite among the different types of white lapacho tea!

C) Preparation tips for lapacho tea

1. Preparation tips for lapacho tea - correct dosage

The correct dosage depends on various factors: the intensity of your personal flavour and the desired strength of the tea. As a rule of thumb, I recommend using about one tablespoon of lapacho bark per cup. If you prefer your tea a little milder, half a tablespoon is also sufficient.
To ensure optimum preparation, you should allow the tea to warm briefly before infusing it with hot water. This allows the flavours to come into their own and fully develop in your cup.

2. Infusion temperature and infusion time

Now pour the hot water over the warmed lapacho and leave to infuse for approx. 5 to 7 minutes - depending on how strong you want your drink to be.
You can refine your home-made lapacho tea as you wish: a dash of lemon or honey makes it more fruity or sweet in flavour.
Enjoy this special moment of relaxation with a steaming cup of aromatic lapacho tea! The correct dosage always guarantees you a perfect result and lets you savour every sip to the full! Why not try it out now – you'll be amazed!

D) Lapacho tea as an alternative to other teas

1. Caffeine-free option

Lapacho tea as an alternative to other teas - caffeine-free option with a special flavour
In the world of tea enjoyment, there is a wide range of flavours to choose from. From green tea to black tea to herbal teas - the possibilities seem endless. However, if you're looking for a caffeine-free option that also has a unique flavour, you should definitely consider lapacho tea.

2. Special flavour note

Lapacho tea stands out not only because of its unusual origin, but also because of its mild and pleasant flavour. Made from the bark of the lapacho tree, this tea offers a wonderful change from traditional teas. Its woody and slightly sweet flavour gives it a character all of its own.
What makes this tea particularly attractive is its caffeine-free nature. Lapacho tea is the ideal choice for people who are sensitive to caffeine or want to consciously avoid it. You can enjoy it without hesitation in the evening and still look forward to a relaxing night

E) Conclusion

To summarise, lapacho tea is a wonderful alternative to conventional teas. In this category article, we have highlighted the most important aspects of lapacho tea: From its origin and history to its properties and various preparation methods.
So if you're looking for a new tea experience, don't hesitate to give lapacho tea a try. You will be delighted by its pleasant flavour. Whether as a warming companion in the cold season or as a refreshing drink in summer - Lapacho tea offers you enjoyment and well-being all year round.
Let yourself be infected by our enthusiasm for Lapacho tea and dive deeper into the world of this extraordinary tea. In our other categories you will find even more interesting information, tips and recipes relating to lapacho tea. Find out how to make the perfect lapacho tea. We invite you to discover our other articles and share your passion for tea with us. So, what are you waiting for? Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of lapacho tea and be inspired by its versatility. Try out new flavours and experiment with different preparation methods. We look forward to accompanying you on your tea adventure and continuing to offer you exciting content about lapacho tea.
Take a moment to discover our other categories and be inspired by the world of Lapacho tea. Enjoy every sip and feel how this extraordinary tea enriches your everyday life. We are sure that Lapacho tea will also put a smile on your face.
Try it and let yourself be enchanted by Lapacho tea! We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm for this special tea with you.


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