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There's nothing like a delicious tea
. Kräuter tea is delicious and available in many different varieties
. You can see for yourself here in the tea shop at lerbs-hagedorn.de. The selection is large and also includes invigorating fruit teas. Also look out for our cheap Matcha tea offer, which you can also order here in the shop.

Cherbal tea is versatile and tastes delicious

Sweet tea has the advantage that it can take many different forms. However, the focus is always on dried herbs and leaves that do not belong to the classic tea plant family. That is why you can also buy various herbal teas from us, which are suitable for a wide variety of occasions. This also applies to our selection of first-class organic teas, which always meet the highest ecological standards.

Discover the many benefits of our organic teas

  • Kräutertees are made from high quality ingredients.
  • Health teas offer a particularly wide selection
  • The first-class quality guarantees 100% full taste.
  • Many teas also have a health-promoting effect.

Kräuter tea blends taste delicious and offer pure variety

In our tea shop you will always find a particularly large selection of first-class herbal tea blends. These are teas which, in addition to various herbs or leaves, contain other aroma-giving ingredients. The blends are perfectly coordinated and therefore offer a unique taste experience. A good example of this is certainly our house tea, which contains, among other things, rosehip peel, apple stalks, lime blossoms, orange stalks, hibiscus blossoms, vanilla cuts and an orange-flavoured aroma. You can also buy flavoured Roibush tea for cheap, which also offers a unique flavour.

Healthy herbal teas help with various ailments

It has long been known that various herbs, fruits or roots have a particularly positive effect on one's health. Well-known examples are certainly camomile, ginger or St. John's wort. Our tea shop offers matching teas. These include our inexpensive relaxation tea, which contains, among other things, lemon balm, ginger roots and sage leaves.

Order cold tea from the tea shop at low prices: These are the advantages!

  • Large selection of different herbal teas and herbal tea blends.
  • Fast and uncomplicated online shipping directly to your home.
  • Each tea can also be shipped gift wrapped.
  • In the shop, we attach great importance to detailed product descriptions.
  • Large packages with up to 1.5 kilos of content are also available.

Buy cold tea – Our tea shop fulfils your tea wishes quickly and reliably

The selection of first-class herbal teas and herbal tea blends at lerbs-hagedorn.de is particularly large and varied. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Discover the world of herbal teas with us and enjoy their unique taste at any time.

Customer service

If you have any questions about our herb mixes, need more information on how to make a sale, or would like to give us feedback, one of our staff will be happy to help.

Service hotline: 0172/ 9149105.

E-mail: info@lerbs-hagedorn.de


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