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The extensive organic tea selection from our tea shop is of particularly high quality and always meets the highest organic standards. The range is very diverse and includes various organic teas. These include good quality organic Matcha teas. Order a piece of health for yourself and your loved ones today.

The origin of the organic teas is particularly important to us


Organic tea differs from other teas primarily in that it is grown or processed under ökological and social aspects. They are hardly or not at all chemically contaminated, as is often the case with conventionally grown tea. Instead, organic tea cultivation relies on natural fertilisers or pesticides. You can see that organic tea does not have to be expensive by looking at our affordable organic herbal tea here in the tea shop.

Organic tea has many benefits for you and the environment

  • Recognised seals guarantee the highest organic quality and standards
  • No use of environmentally harmful fertilisers or pesticides
  • Gentle processing guarantees 100% full flavour.
  • Refusal of artificial additives

Green, black or Roibusch organic tea: The selection in the tea shop is large and inexpensive


Organic tea is not limited to a specific type of tea. In our Organic Tea Online Shop you can look forward to a wide range of tea compositions in the best organic quality. These include green teas, such as the organic Lung Ching Grade I, which is also called Dragon Well Tea. In addition, you can buy cheap rooibos tea, which also meets the highest organic standards.

Organic also applies to tea blends


Our organic tea comes exclusively from organically controlled cultivation and is also processed according to clearly defined specifications. This applies not only to the tea itself, but also to other flavourings in our tea blends. A good example of this is Organic Christmas Blend (1.5 kilos), which contains organic black tea as well as organic star anise, marigolds, orange stalks, cinnamon and cloves. Details about the individual ingredients can always be found in the product description.

Learn about the benefits of organic teas from our tea shop

  • Many different organic tea varieties are always available.
  • Fast and uncomplicated shipping directly to your home.
  • Detailed descriptions including preparation and origin information.
  • Large packs with up to 1.5 kilo content.

Bio Tea cheap and fast buy – Our Tea Shop fulfils your tea wishes


Order your organic tea favourite quickly and easily online here and now. The selection at is large and of high quality. The organic tea offers the highest organic standards and is also delivered in large quantities directly to your home.

Questions? - Customer service and support

If you have any questions about our organic teas, need more information about the sales process or would like to give us feedback, one of our staff members will be happy to help.

Service hotline: 0172/ 9149105.


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