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Welcome to our category for jasmine tea at Lerbs & Hagedorn! Here you will find an exquisite selection of high-quality jasmine teas that will delight even the most discerning tea drinkers.

Jasmine tea is not only a treat for the senses, but also a blessing for body and soul. The delicate jasmine blossoms give the tea a unique flavour and ensure an incomparable taste experience. Our jasmine teas come from the best growing regions and are carefully processed to ensure the highest quality.

Jasmine tea is the perfect choice for all tea lovers looking for a special moment of indulgence. Whether you are longing for a relaxing evening at home or need a little break from the stresses of everyday life, a hot infusion of jasmine tea will transport you to a world of peace and relaxation.
One problem that many tea drinkers face is finding a high-quality jasmine tea that fulfils their requirements. At Lerbs & Hagedorn, you can be sure that you will find only the best jasmine teas to tantalise your palate and enchant your senses.Our experts have carefully selected the finest teas with the enchanting flowers for you so that you can enjoy only the best.

In our range you will find a variety of jasmine teas, from classic to exotic. Whether you prefer a mild green tea with delicate jasmine flowers or opt for an intense black tea with jasmine, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Lerbs & Hagedorn.We also offer organic-certified items for anyone who places particular value on sustainability and quality.

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The origin of jasmine tea

Jasmine tea has a long and fascinating history that goes back to ancient China. The tea was first flavoured there during the Song Dynasty in the 11th century by mixing fresh jasmine flowers into the tea. The tradition of jasmine tea quickly spread throughout Asia and is now popular all over the world for its delicate flavour and floral aroma.The best qualities still come from China, where the leaves are carefully picked by hand and then blended several times with fragrant jasmine flowers. This traditional production method gives the jasmine tea its unique character and unmistakable flavour. So enjoy a sip of this delicious drink with a long historical tradition the next time you enjoy a cup of tea!

The preparation of jasmine tea

Jasmine tea is a delicious and aromatic type of tea made from green tea leaves mixed with jasmine flowers. Preparing this special tea requires a certain amount of care and attention. Firstly, you should bring fresh water to the boil. It is important that the water does not boil for too long or is already cooled, as this can affect the flavour of the tea. Then pour a tablespoon of loose tea mixture into your cup or pot. Now pour the hot water over the tea and leave to infuse for around 3-4 minutes. Make sure you keep the lid on the pot or cover the cup with a saucer to preserve the flavour. Once the tea has steeped, you can pour it through a fine cheesecloth and enjoy! The scent of fresh flowers envelops your palate with every sip of this soothing elixir. Jasmine tea may take a little longer to prepare than other types of tea, but it is definitely worth it for any lover of a fragrant drink full of warmth and relaxation. Treat yourself to this pleasure!

How does the flavour get into the jasmine tea?

The flavour is added to the jasmine tea by adding fresh jasmine flowers during the production process. The leaves of the green tea are layered together with the fragrant flowers so that the intense flavour of the jasmine flowers is naturally transferred to the tea leaves. This traditional process gives jasmine tea its characteristic flavour and fragrance, which delights connoisseurs worldwide.

How much caffeine/tearin does jasmine tea contain?

Jasmine tea generally contains less caffeine than black tea or coffee. However, the exact amount can vary depending on the manufacturer and preparation. As a rule, the caffeine content of jasmine tea is around 20-30 mg per cup, which is significantly less than in a cup of coffee (approx. 80-100 mg). This makes jasmine tea a good choice for anyone who wants a moderate amount of caffeine.

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