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Mate tea the miracle from Südamerika

The Mate tea has the euphoria of cocoa, the health benefits of tea and the strength of coffee. Mate tea is surrounded by many health-promoting nutrients. It is a natural healer for many diseases, it improves concentration and stimulates the body's energy enormously. Mate tea can triumph over the most commonly used stimulants such as guarana, cocoa, kola nut, tea and coffee with its healthy performance-enhancing effect and unique nutrient density. Mate tea is made from the leaves of the famous South American rainforest holly.
Virtually all the necessary vitamins are contained in Mate tea, which are important for the preservation of a human life. The stimulants known from raw cocoa, coffee and tea, theobromine, theophylline and caffeine, are supplied by mate tea. The caffeine content is between that of coffee and green tea. A smaller amount of tannin is present in mate tea and so it is not as bitter compared to tea.

Mate tea preparation

Compared to coffee, mate tea is not as acid-forming and liquefying. This means that there are no increased stomach problems and no increased nervousness. Mate tea is very versatile in its use. The tea can be combined with lemon, mint or honey, it can be enjoyed cold or hot, brewed in a gourd or prepared in a coffee maker. There are endless ways to prepare it and it is an energy-saving and delicious treat for everyone.

  • The combination of mate tea with sweet substances but also with mint or cold honey enhances the taste experience.
  • Mate tea is a pleasure warm but also cold. Just like our delicious rooibos tea range!
  • Mate tea can be prepared in many ways, whether in a südamerican teapot or traditionally in your teapot!

The mate plant

It is an evergreen and large tree. The tree grows in South America in the subtropical rainforests and can reach a height of about twenty metres in the wild. The struggle for individual rays of sunlight is the reason for the immense height. The large crown of the tree is raised into the dark rainforest, and the slender, long trunk clings to the ground.
Plantation cultivation eliminates the struggle for the sun. Here, a height of about seven metres is reached. The leaves have serrated edges and are oval. For harvesting, the stems and leaves are plucked off. Further processing can distinguish between guayaki mate, air-dried mate, stoned mate and green mate. All three varieties are crushed into coarse or fine pieces after processing and then made ready for the preparation of the cold, fresh and flavoured mate tea.

Mate tea and caffeine

In the case of mate tea, caffeine helps to reduce fatigue, increase concentration and alertness, and improve brain performance. Theobromine is also supplied in Mate tea. It is the primary alkaloid in raw cacao and is the cause of the euphoric effect. In medicine it is used as a stimulant of the heart muscles, as a vasodilator and as a diuretic.
Theophylline is said to be strongly present in mate tea and the smooth muscles of the bronchial tubes are thus relaxed and the blood circulation in the kidneys and the blood pressure can be increased. Mate tea contains over 190 impressive active ingredients and helps to relieve joint pain and headaches in a healthy and natural way. It also burns excess fat and treats depression. Compared to coffee, mate tea is a healthy alternative and the changeover is a breeze.

The dosage and buying tip

For mate tea, the daily consumption is one to three cups per day. If other caffeinated drinks or foods are consumed, the total daily caffeine intake should not exceed 300 milligrams. Children should not consume the tea. If special conditions are to be treated, the dosage should be adjusted by a doctor. If you want to buy the tea, you should pay attention to the processing.
Guayaki Mate is often preferred for its health benefits. Also important are the freshness of the tea, the 100% organic quality and the cultivation and harvesting of the tea. The tea should be free from chemical fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides.

  1. First and foremost, tea from South America is a hot drink with numerous benefits.
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  3. It is said that the natives of the South American continent swore by the effect of their teas.

The preparation of mate tea

Tea is drunk from traditional drinking vessels in Südamerica and this is done with the bombilla straws. The drinking straw is placed in the empty calabash, the vessel is then filled 2/3 with the mate leaves and then poured with warm water. The water should not be boiling hot, as is the case with our cold green teas. The brewing time for mate tea is six to eight minutes. Compared to normal tea, mate tea is pulpier and it is strained from the bombilla. The tea can be flavoured with stevia, lemon or honey. The water temperature should not exceed 70 degrees. The valuable ingredients can be destroyed with hot water and then the tea is less effective.

  • When brewing mate tea, ideal water temperature should be between 70 degrees Celsius and 80 degrees Celsius
  • A brewing time of the tea of six to eight minutes is considered the optimal brewing time.
  • If the infusion time is too long, the valuable ingredients of the tea plant can evaporate.

The taste

In the Mate tree, the soil can affect the taste of the tea. It is assumed that the content of purine alkaloids is related to the quality of the soil. These purine alkaloids are theophylline, theobromine and caffeine. This affects the taste and makes it milder. The taste of the tea can therefore vary from region to region. The soil of the southern part of Brazil has more variations in mineral content. In this region, the tea is often more bitter and thus the purine alkaloid accumulation is increased. On the other hand, the indigenous Bäume grow on nitrogen-rich topsoil. They have a stronger leaf flavour and tend to be milder in bitterness.

    Topsoil produces a light, stimulating and mildly bitter flavour in mate tea.

  8. B&oum;ds in the vicinity around volcanoes and sedimentary deposits have a high added value for the taste of tea.

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