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Preparation & storage of winter and Christmas tea

Winter and Christmas tea comes in many different tea varieties. The preparation of winter tea is subject to the requirements of the particular variety. Whether it is a fruity, green or white winter tea, you will find tips and information on how to prepare it in the product view of the type of tea you want.

The same conditions apply to the storage of winter tea or Christmas tea as to the preparation. Depending on the content and type, the storage must meet different requirements. You will therefore find information and instructions on the storage of your desired variety for each product itself in the product view. Simply select your desired variety.

Worth knowing about winter and Christmas tea

Winter tea comes in many different varieties and flavours. Whether the classic winter tea, with hibiscus flowers, apple, cinnamon and almond slivers, or a modern winter tea variety such as the Feuerzangenbowle winter tea with sugar drops, real orange sticks, strawberries and raspberries – let yourself be surprised by the variety of our exquisite winter and Christmas teas . The TOP 3 of the most popular Christmas and winter teas in our shop:

  • Christmas tea (as a 1.5kg pack)
  • Roibush Advent Light (as 1.5kg pack)
  • White Winter Tea (as 1.5kg pack)

Winter Tea Blend – What's in Winter Tea?

The winter tea blend can be very diverse. Typical blends of winter tea are apple, cinnamon, almond and orange. Rooibos and cloves are often added. The individual flavour of the individual winter teas is achieved with additional ingredients, such as the winter tea „Roibusch Advent Light“ with vanilla nuts or the „Winter Forest“ with pineapple.

Winter tea in pregnancy – Yes or no?

Winter tea blends often contain cinnamon and cloves. Both are considered to be labour-inducing during pregnancy. Therefore, we do not recommend drinking our winter tea blends during pregnancy. From the 39th week onwards, however, you can safely start drinking our winter teas again. Maybe this will be your child's Christmas present ;-) Tip: Further down we show you.

Best winter tea – Your blend!

To single out one of the many varieties of winter tea is almost impossible. The winter tea blends are äußerst diverse and sometimes very different in taste. Here you have to find your own „best winter tea“. In the product descriptions of our winter teas you will find a comprehensive list of all the ingredients contained in the blend. Find your favourite!

Do you also produce organic winter tea?

In our range of winter teas and Christmas tea blends, you will also find a neat selection of organic winter teas. For example, our popular Organic Christmas Blend with organic black tea, organic apple, organic star anise, organic orange sticks and many more great ingredients to make your Christmas season a contemplative celebration.

Winter tea can also be gift-wrapped?

Give your loved ones a very special gift with our winter tea in a large package. No matter which type of winter tea you order online from us, we can pack your tea in an attractive gift box on request. Simply add the gift box to your shopping cart and we will take care of the rest!

Green Winter Tea

In our assortment you will also find a variety of green winter teas. Here is a selection of the most popular and most frequently ordered products for the selection „Gründer Wintertee“
  • Winter Stories
  • Advent light
  • Winter Dream
  • Rudolph’s Blend
  • White Winter Tea (winter tea with white tea and green tea)

Winter Tea - Poor or Rich in Calories?

In terms of the typical ingredients for a winter tea blend, winter teas are low in calories and high in vitamins (orange, rosehip, apple, etc.). It is not possible to make a general statement about the calorie content of all winter teas. However, compared to the winter teas sold in retail stores (tetra packs), you can assume that all winter teas sold in our shop have a significantly lower calorie and sugar content and a significantly higher vitamin content.

Winter tea without cinnamon

In our assortment you will also find winter tea without cinnamon. We have selected the most popular winter teas without cinnamon from our shop:
  • Winter tea „Snowball“
  • Advent apple
  • Fireball punch
  • Christmas glamour
  • Frying Apple
  • Christmas magic
  • Christmas sleigh
  • Winter Ceremony
All of the winter teas listed are without cinnamon and contain other typical and tasty winter tea ingredients. Winter teas without cinnamon are also suitable for consumption during pregnancy.

Customer Service

If you have any questions about our winter tea/Christmas tea, need more information about the sales process or would like to give us feedback, one of our staff members will be happy to help you.

Service hotline: 0172/ 9149105.


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