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Tea blends in large packs are very popular for the company, the business or the large family at home. Classics such as early morning tea or breakfast tea have been put together for you with exquisite tea varieties.

Did you know?

The tea taster is an expert in the field of tea blends. A good balance, eye, nose, mouth and a large portion of intuition are his tools of the trade. His aim is to create blends with a consistent flavour every time. The tea taster selects the individual varieties so that the blend has a very individual, subtle flavour. The advantages of many flavours are combined with each other. Perhaps you too will discover your „masterpiece“ from our range.

Discover the variety of blended teas at Lerbs & Hagedorn

Welcome to our category for blended teas! Here you will find an exquisite selection of tea blends that have been specially created for discerning tea drinkers like you. Our blended teas combine high-quality ingredients and sophisticated flavours to offer you a unique taste experience. Blend teas are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a harmonious blend of different teas. Whether you prefer the strong flavour of an English Breakfast tea or the mild notes of an East Frisian tea, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for at Lerbs & Hagedorn.
A common problem that tea drinkers face is finding a tea blend that is both flavourful and of high quality. With our blended teas, you no longer have to compromise. We place great importance on the selection of ingredients and the careful composition of the blends to ensure that every sip is a pleasure.
Our selection includes a variety of blended teas, including classic flavours such as English Breakfast and East Frisian tea, as well as innovative creations with exotic fruits or spices. Each tea blend has been developed by our experts with great attention to detail to offer you an unrivalled taste experience. So if you are looking for a high-quality blended tea that will tantalise your palate and invigorate your senses, then take a look around our category and discover the variety of tea blends at Lerbs & Hagedorn. Take a break from everyday life and enjoy a moment of relaxation with a delicious blended tea.
Order now and discover your new favourite blended tea! Lerbs & Hagedorn - for tea enjoyment at the highest level.

How is English breakfast tea blended

English breakfast tea is traditionally made from a blend of black teas. The most well-known combination is a blend of Assam, Ceylon and Kenya tea, which is popular for its strong flavour and strong cup. To obtain the ideal English breakfast tea, 1 teaspoon of loose leaves is usually used per cup of boiling water. After the tea has steeped for about 3-5 minutes, it can be flavoured with milk or sugar as desired. The result is a delicious drink for an energising start to the day!

What makes a blended tea / fruit tea so special?

A blended tea or fruit tea is characterised by its unique blend of different types of tea. This carefully balanced combination gives the tea its unmistakable flavour and special aroma. The selection of high-quality ingredients and the art of the tea blender create a composition that is both harmonious and revitalising. A sip of this delicious tea in the morning is the perfect way to start the day and enjoy not only a warm infusion, but also intensifying moments of relaxation. The enjoyment of a good blended tea brings calm to hectic times, creates cosy surroundings to linger in and helps to focus on the beautiful things in life - something very special indeed!

Assam, Darjeeling or Ceylon - which tea belongs in a good tea blend?

Assam, Darjeeling or Ceylon - all three tea varieties have their own advantages and flavours that make them popular ingredients for a successful tea blend. The strong flavour of Assam tea gives the blend an intense note, while the floral character of Darjeeling tea adds a touch of elegance. Ceylon tea, on the other hand, scores with its light and fruity flavour, which gives the tea a pleasant freshness. All three varieties can therefore find their place in a good tea blend and complement each other harmoniously. By skilfully combining the different flavours, a full-bodied pleasure is created for every tea lover. However, it is often only possible to find out which of these best teas is ultimately the most appreciated by trying them out for yourself - because everyone has their own individual favourite when it comes to tea!

Find your perfect tea blend!

Try out different varieties, blending ratios and preparation methods to find the tea that suits your taste exactly. Be inspired by different flavours, fragrances and qualities. Create your own personal favourite blend from various teas or order a ready-made composition and enjoy relaxing tea moments to suit your taste. It's worth discovering the perfect tea blend for you!

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