Wellness teas: treat yourself to a break from everyday stress

These wellness teas in the practical large pack are suitable for regeneration after sport or as a useful addition to a healthy lifestyle.

Did you know?

Wellness teas: They combine ancient Asian recipes and traditions, whose secrets unfold in a gentle and soothing way. A freshly brewed wellness tea is a blessing for body and soul and also provides a welcome opportunity for a relaxing break, a stimulating chat or a little daytime rejuvenation. With its soft colours and subtle, stimulating aromas, it enchants the senses and supports the activities of people who know how to enjoy life, which is sometimes not so easy;


Pure relaxation: discover the variety of wellness teas at Lerbs & Hagedorn

Welcome to our category for wellness teas! Here you will find an exquisite selection of teas that not only taste delicious, but also benefit your well-being. Our target group are tea drinkers who not only appreciate the flavour of their tea, but also the positive effects on well-being that a wellness tea can offer.
Wellness teas are not just teas - they are a blessing for body and mind. Our teas contain carefully selected ingredients that can support your well-being in a natural way. Whether you are looking for a tea that tastes of pear, is a treat in the evening or contains ginseng - you will find it at Lerbs & Hagedorn.

Treat yourself to a cup of tea and leave the excitement of the day behind you.

For anyone looking for a tea that not only tastes good, but could also specifically brighten the mood, we offer a variety of specialised wellness teas.
Our wellness teas are a treat for the senses. The high-quality ingredients ensure an intense flavour experience that will delight you anew with every cup. Lean back, savour the moment and let our wellness teas pamper you.
Discover the diverse world of wellness teas at Lerbs & Hagedorn and treat yourself to a break from stressful everyday life. Your environment will thank you!

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