Chocolate Orange Coffee in the presentation

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Best of Brazil "Fazenda Lagoa" coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThe well-known coffee growing region Sulde Minas is located in the state of Minas Gerais. This region is characterised by its long, drawn-out mountain ranges. The many small lakes and the mineral-rich soil are also special. The first plantations were established in this region over a hundred years ago.Character and tasteNaturally mild and harmonious aroma characterise this outstanding representative of Brazil's top coffees! . Its sweet smoothness and long-lasting chocolaty aftertaste will make every coffee lover fall into raptures. The long-lasting experience and drying by the Brazilian sun can be tasted in every single cup.
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Boquete Panamá "Volcán Barú" Coffee in illustration Coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationIn the highlands of Panama, in the western province of Chiriqui, lies the quiet and beautiful town of Boquete, at the foot of the Barú volcano, with about 14,000 inhabitants. The region is called the "Valley of Flowers and Eternal Spring". Arabica beans are grown under ideal conditions on small plantations here, not far from the border with Costa Rica. Due to the constant wind from the north, the coffee plantations thrive particularly well at an altitude of about 1,500 m and grow extremely slowly. Panama has a share of about 0.2% of the world's coffee production, but belongs to the top of the speciality producers.Character and tasteThanks to its complex and aromatic character, this coffee belongs to the top for connoisseurs. The light to medium body harmonises with the balanced acidity of the taste. The medium roast allows light floral to soft-chocolate notes to unfold, providing a long-lasting aftertaste. Be sure to try this coffee without milk and sugar! Let yourself be surprised and inspired by this small origin.
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Mild Mélange coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThis coffee will spoil you with its unique aroma. This perfect coffee blend contains only selected, naturally mild and therefore particularly compatible highland coffees from Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. The Mild Mélange is especially gently roasted and therefore low in acidity.Character and tasteAn absolutely mild and fine coffee that meets the highest demands. Only the very best naturally mild highland plants, which are rarely found on the world market, bring out their character in this blend. The Mild Mélange has a full aroma and a slightly nutty aftertaste.
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papua new guinea sigri estate 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationSigri A bears a distant resemblance to Blue Mountain Coffee from Jamaica and was planted in the highlands of Papua New Guinea in the late 1930s. The majority of PNG coffee is grown on small farms with 20-600 coffee trees, making quality control difficult. Sigri Farm has a plantation size of 122 hectares and is one of the first farms to establish a high quality, controlled production in PNG.
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