Kenya "Pearls of Africa" coffee in presentation

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Tanzania "Kilimanjaro" coffee in presentation
Origin and plantationTanzanian coffees belong to the washed Central and East African coffee family. Due to a lack of infrastructure, especially compared to Kenya, it is often difficult to get hold of good coffees from this origin. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to present this speciality from the northern regions of the country. The Kilimanjaro region, where these wonderfully aromatic beans ripen, offers the best climatic conditions for coffee cultivation in Tanzania.Character and tasteOur full-bodied Tanzania Kilimanjaro delights with an excellent, full and sweet aroma with fruity acidity.
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28,15 EUR per 1kg
Ethiopia Sidamo "Dream of Africa" coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationOur Sidamo growing region is located in the south of the country, on the edge of the Ethiopian highlands. Here, as in the other Ethiopian regions, coffee is grown in smallholder structures. Other well-known coffee regions in Ethiopia include Harar, one of the highest coffee-growing areas in the world. Ethiopia – the former Abyssinia – is considered the cradle of coffee, descendants of the oldest coffee plants have been found in the Ethiopian highlands. Today, the country is the most important Arabica exporter in Africa. Around 12 million of its inhabitants live from coffee cultivation in predominantly smallholder farms.Character and tasteEthiopian coffee is not easy to describe. The "Dream of Africa" offers coffee lovers an impressive variety of flavours. Its distinctly spicy aroma is joined by a chocolaty, heavy richness. A very full body with a slightly floral note gives this coffee its distinct richness.
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Mild Mélange coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThis coffee will spoil you with its unique aroma. This perfect coffee blend contains only selected, naturally mild and therefore particularly compatible highland coffees from Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. The Mild Mélange is especially gently roasted and therefore low in acidity.Character and tasteAn absolutely mild and fine coffee that meets the highest demands. Only the very best naturally mild highland plants, which are rarely found on the world market, bring out their character in this blend. The Mild Mélange has a full aroma and a slightly nutty aftertaste.
21,86 EUR
21,86 EUR per 1kg