coffee uganda mount rwenzori aa - 1 kg - whole bean

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Pistachio cream coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationCarefully selected green coffees (100% Arabica) from Central and South America, gently roasted in our own roastery, find their way into this noble coffee blend and form the basis for our latest, seductive flavour creation.Character and tasteIt is once again evident how wonderfully the flavours of nut and coffee harmonise! A wonderfully nutty pistachio aroma combined with the full-bodied, smooth taste of cream will delight you too! Treat yourself to a little time out and enjoy this special coffee taste.Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100 % Arabica), flavour.
25,38 EUR
25,38 EUR per 1kg
Split Roast Café Crema coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationEach coffee has its own character. Years of experience and our manufactory roasting allow us to achieve the optimal roasting degree for the bean in every roast. In a blend, we always look for a compromise for an optimal roast. The master class is the "split roast", where every single ingredient is roasted to the optimal degree. The best gourmet coffees from all continents of the world are united here to create a high level of enjoyment after roasting.Character and tasteAn experience in which the taste of all coffee continents is masterfully combined. A hint of sweetness and some fruit rounded off with cocoa and fullness.
21,86 EUR
21,86 EUR per 1kg
French blend coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThe French coffee blends have a distinctly different character than our well-known coffees. A proportion of robusta beans and the longer roasting time result in a particularly spicy and at the same time velvety taste, similar to espresso. Each coffee variety is roasted individually and contributes with its individually roasted aroma to the overall experience, a delight for every coffee lover.Character and tasteOur "French blend" has a noble richness and deep, complex, long-lasting aromas of nuts, chocolate and tropical woods. Particularly delicious when drunk as a French café au lait. This delicious speciality is a blend of strong filter coffee and hot milk in a 1:1 ratio and is served in a wide bowl (bol) without a handle.
21,86 EUR
21,86 EUR per 1kg