Strawberry Cheesecake Coffee in the presentation

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Chilli Chocolate coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationOnly selected Arabica beans find their way into the blend. Gently refined in our own roastery, a fascinating taste experience awaits you with this aroma composition.Character and tasteHere the term "hot chocolate" is redefined! The full, strong aroma of dark chocolate dominates the first taste impression, followed by a balanced and pleasant spiciness.The natural sweetness of the carefully roasted coffees surrounds this coffee speciality and is an absolute highlight for anyone who likes it a little "spicier". Even the Aztecs knew about the effect of chilli in combination with fine chocolate and enjoyed this fiery "love drink".Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100 % Arabica), flavouring.
30,08 EUR
30,08 EUR per 1kg
Happy Hazelnut coffee in the illustration
Origin and plantationMild, fine and distinctly nutty, our balanced coffee composition – flavoured roasted coffee "Happy Hazelnut" – will surprise you! The carefully blended creation from selected varieties of Central and South American Arabica coffees is a top product of our coffee specialities.Character and tasteThe fine aroma of the coffee bean of the roasted coffee "Happy Hazelnut" perfectly complements the added hazelnut aroma – for the variety-loving coffee connoisseur an exciting taste experience! A tip: Serve the "Happy Hazelnut" as the crowning finale to your feast!Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100 % Arabica), flavour.
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25,38 EUR per 1kg
Turkish honey coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationRaw coffees from the best highland areas of Colombia, as well as the sun-drenched slopes of Brazil, meet a wonderfully soft aroma. A taste experience at the highest level for discerning coffee connoisseurs. Due to the traditional long roasting and the use of naturally mild coffees, this aromatised speciality is an absolute delight.Character and tasteIt is a wonderfully sweet aroma that combines with the coffee. The memory of freshly cut "Turkish honey", with its light nut-almond aroma, tempts you to enjoy it. Refine this speciality with a dash of cream!Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100% Arabica), flavour.
25,38 EUR
25,38 EUR per 1kg