Split Roast Café Crema coffee in the presentation

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French blend coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThe French coffee blends have a distinctly different character than our well-known coffees. A proportion of robusta beans and the longer roasting time result in a particularly spicy and at the same time velvety taste, similar to espresso. Each coffee variety is roasted individually and contributes with its individually roasted aroma to the overall experience, a delight for every coffee lover.Character and tasteOur "French blend" has a noble richness and deep, complex, long-lasting aromas of nuts, chocolate and tropical woods. Particularly delicious when drunk as a French café au lait. This delicious speciality is a blend of strong filter coffee and hot milk in a 1:1 ratio and is served in a wide bowl (bol) without a handle.
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Mild Mélange coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThis coffee will spoil you with its unique aroma. This perfect coffee blend contains only selected, naturally mild and therefore particularly compatible highland coffees from Costa Rica, Brazil and Mexico. The Mild Mélange is especially gently roasted and therefore low in acidity.Character and tasteAn absolutely mild and fine coffee that meets the highest demands. Only the very best naturally mild highland plants, which are rarely found on the world market, bring out their character in this blend. The Mild Mélange has a full aroma and a slightly nutty aftertaste.
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coffee nicaragua flores del cafe 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationThis coffee, produced exclusively by women, is the key to the goal of the Women's Project Association: to improve the quality of life of its members. Because the coffee "Flores del Café" helps them to get a legal title to their land. This land ownership is a prerequisite to get access to credits or loans for economic projects. Land is usually passed down from father to son. If women also own land, this provides more income and a better quality of life for the families.This is supported and promoted by Flores del Café.Character and tasteThis Arabica inspires with a light acidity, without any bitterness. A nutty flavour and a fine cherry note are perfectly rounded off by a creamy, smooth finish that will make you dream.
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coffee uganda mount rwenzori aa - 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationThis coffee is grown on the border of Congo in the Ruwenzori Mountains. AA stands for the very large Screen 17 Up beans. Arabica coffee from Uganda is known for its balanced taste: a full-bodied coffee with a mild acidity.Character and tasteIn the cup, this coffee has a strong, berry flavour that combines with a gentle hint of dark chocolate. This coffee should definitely be tried as an espresso or with milk, as this is where its unique, aromatic notes of red berry and blueberry pie develop.Use the Uganda Mount Rwenzori AA coffee - 1 kg , whole bean and leave it to brew at Celsius for approx.
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