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Espresso "Don Vito" coffee in the illustration
Origin and plantationThis high-quality espresso blend "Don Vito" was composed of selected Brazilian plantation coffees and fine green coffees from the African highlands and South Asia. The "Don Vito" espresso is strong, with an incomparable combination of sweetness and spiciness. As a basis for a cappuccino or latte macchiato, the espresso connoisseur will find a lively, perfectly balanced coffee in "Don Vito". Its complex, fine aroma makes the connoisseur's heart beat faster.
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Espresso "Star of Italy" coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationOur spicy espresso "Star of Italy" is made from a harmonious composition of selected Brazilian highland plants, fine African green coffees and a rare Robusta speciality from India.Character and taste "Star of Italy" is an espresso for all lovers of a spicy-tart taste experience who do not want to do without the important, intense basic sweetness. Star of Italy" is the ideal basis for coffee specialities such as cappuccino or latte macchiato.
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india harley estate - 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationThe Classic Synergy Group is a group of fifth-generation coffee farmers. They produce high-quality coffee that stands out visually and in the cup from normal coffee. It is the result of careful cultivation, meticulous care, special processing and roasting. Only organic fertiliser is used for the plants. In addition to their wages, the workers are provided with accommodation with electricity and water. There is free education for the children, medical facilities, parental benefits, bonus and performance payments and paid holidays.Character and tasteA harmonious cup with little acidity, but all the more powerful body. India Harley Estate has a high caffeine content and a subtle note of cardamom and vanilla that makes the heart of coffee connoisseurs beat faster.
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coffee uganda mount rwenzori aa - 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationThis coffee is grown on the border of Congo in the Ruwenzori Mountains. AA stands for the very large Screen 17 Up beans. Arabica coffee from Uganda is known for its balanced taste: a full-bodied coffee with a mild acidity.Character and tasteIn the cup, this coffee has a strong, berry flavour that combines with a gentle hint of dark chocolate. This coffee should definitely be tried as an espresso or with milk, as this is where its unique, aromatic notes of red berry and blueberry pie develop.Use the Uganda Mount Rwenzori AA coffee - 1 kg , whole bean and leave it to brew at Celsius for approx.
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19,10 EUR per 1kg
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