coffee nicaragua flores del cafe 1 kg - whole bean

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Brazil São Bento coffee in presentation
Origin and plantationThere is a farm near the city of Carmo de Paranaiba in the south-eastern state of Minas Gerais. The highly aromatic and intense Arabica bean Yellow Catuai is grown at an altitude of 1100 metres above sea level. First of all, the freshly harvested cherries are sorted. The next step is to remove parts of the pulp and spread the beans out in the fresh air. The beans are then dried in the warmth of the sun, a process that gives them their distinctive flavour. The drying process removes the sweetness from the rest of the pulp and absorbs it.Character and tasteThis coffee has a distinct character. The balanced aroma is reminiscent of caramel and chocolate. This taste intensifies as the brewed coffee cools. The sweetness and the nutty soft taste are the main reasons for the enthusiasm.
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Colombia Supremo "La Ceiba" coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThis coffee is harvested and grown in the Huila region. There, this Colombia Supremo grows free from outside influences on remote shade plantations.Our Colombia Supremo is grown and harvested in the "Huila" region. The absolute gourmet quality is guaranteed by the use of fresh mountain water in the preparation of the coffee cherries. The careful harvesting of the coffee cherries and the use of pure, fresh mountain water in the preparation process guarantees absolute gourmet quality.The all-important shade is provided by a native growing tree called Ceiba. This is made possible by its hand-shaped leaves. "Ceiba" refers to a tree that grows in this area, which provides the shade needed by the coffee plants with its large palmate leaves.A very expressive and fruity aroma characterises this Colombia Supremo.Character and taste Our "Colombia Supremo" has a very expressive and fruity aroma. A pronounced body and a fine acidity are characteristic of Colombian coffee. This intense coffee is ideally balanced and smooth and will delight discerning coffee connoisseurs. It has the typical Colombian combination of fine acidity and a pronounced body, making it an ideally balanced, soft and intense coffee that will delight discerning coffee connoisseurs.
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Colombia Kachalu Orgánico coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThe Kachalu farms are located in the heart of the Colombian rainforest. The Kachalu farms are located in the middle of the South American rainforest, in the heart of Colombia, and benefit from the warm, humid climate that prevails all year round. Cold spells can destroy entire harvests, as they do in Brazil. Fortunately, this has not happened in Colombia.Compared to Brazil, Colombia has the decisive advantage of not having to reckon with cold snaps that could destroy an entire harvest.Character and tasteThis South American coffee has an almost earthy, spicy character and an astonishing strength. For a South American, it has an amazingly strong, almost earthy-spicy character. A hint of sweet fruits, accompanied by an intense sweetness is rounded off with complex flavours. The intense sweetness is rounded off with complex flavours ranging from caramel to chocolate with a hint of sweet fruits.
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bolivia cafe la frontera - 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationCafé de Frontera (border coffee) is a project to promote the coffee economy between Bolivia and Peru in order to improve the living conditions of Bolivian coffee farmers. The project focuses on sustainability, quality and fair marketing. The coffee is produced in Bolivia and then sold through Peru. Through this cooperation, the problems of logistics and sales are solved and cultivation becomes profitable for the coffee farmers. The increased income has noticeably improved the social and economic situation of the Bolivians.Character and tasteThe Bolivia Cafe La Frontera has a harmonious body, which is rounded off by its medium acidity. A chocolaty, honey-like taste with an aromatic fruity note characterises this coffee and will make you go into raptures.
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25,52 EUR per 1kg