coffee china yunnan fengmi dragon 1 kg - whole bean

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Thailand Pang Khon Mystic Hilltribe coffee in presentation
In northern Thailand, at an altitude of around 1,300 m, the constant climatic temperatures allow the coffee cherries to ripen perfectly. The varieties grown here are Arabica- Yellow & Red Caturra + Catimor. Harvesting is possible from mid-November to mid-March. Harvesting is done exclusively by hand so that only the optimally ripened coffee cherries are picked. The accidentally picked green or overripe cherries are already sorted out at the beginning of the processing. The coffee cherries are processed in tiled basins and, depending on the weather, fermented for about 36 hours, after which the coffee cherries are washed again with fresh water and finally sun-dried on bamboo mats for about 12–22 days.Character and tasteFirst, the Pang Khon coffee caresses the palate with a very mild aroma, strongly reminiscent of chocolate, as well as with light notes of nut, paired with a very light and fine citrus acid. In the finish, it becomes voluminous with fine hints of caramel. This unique coffee is a must-try!
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