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Colombia Kachalu Orgánico coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationThe Kachalu farms are located in the heart of the Colombian rainforest. The Kachalu farms are located in the middle of the South American rainforest, in the heart of Colombia, and benefit from the warm, humid climate that prevails all year round. Cold spells can destroy entire harvests, as they do in Brazil. Fortunately, this has not happened in Colombia.Compared to Brazil, Colombia has the decisive advantage of not having to reckon with cold snaps that could destroy an entire harvest.Character and tasteThis South American coffee has an almost earthy, spicy character and an astonishing strength. For a South American, it has an amazingly strong, almost earthy-spicy character. A hint of sweet fruits, accompanied by an intense sweetness is rounded off with complex flavours. The intense sweetness is rounded off with complex flavours ranging from caramel to chocolate with a hint of sweet fruits.
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in presentation Peru Tunki Orgánico Coffee
Origin and plantationThis wonderful quality is planted north of Lake Titicaca, in the southern Peruvian Andes slopes at an altitude of 1,300 to 1,800 metres. The producers of Tunki organic coffee are small farming families who belong to the indigenous peoples and are direct descendants of the Incas. In 1970, a group of farmers formed a cooperative and have since been pursuing the goal of selling their coffee at fair prices. The Tunki coffee is planted under shade trees with less direct sunlight, washed with natural spring water and dried by the sun.Character and tasteAn excellent coffee from the heart of Peru, which convinces with its particularly flowery aroma, a slightly chocolaty taste and a full body! It is not without reason that Peru Tunki coffee has won numerous national and international awards, including best Peruvian coffee, Expo Cafè, best of 45 coffees worldwide, Cupping for Quality 2011.
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Ethiopia Sidamo "Dream of Africa" coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationOur Sidamo growing region is located in the south of the country, on the edge of the Ethiopian highlands. Here, as in the other Ethiopian regions, coffee is grown in smallholder structures. Other well-known coffee regions in Ethiopia include Harar, one of the highest coffee-growing areas in the world. Ethiopia – the former Abyssinia – is considered the cradle of coffee, descendants of the oldest coffee plants have been found in the Ethiopian highlands. Today, the country is the most important Arabica exporter in Africa. Around 12 million of its inhabitants live from coffee cultivation in predominantly smallholder farms.Character and tasteEthiopian coffee is not easy to describe. The "Dream of Africa" offers coffee lovers an impressive variety of flavours. Its distinctly spicy aroma is joined by a chocolaty, heavy richness. A very full body with a slightly floral note gives this coffee its distinct richness.
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congo coopade kivu 3 organic - 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationThe COOPADE COOP is located in the Kyondo Mountains in eastern Congo, near Virunga National Park and Lake Edward. It consists of 2,127 smallholder farmers, of which 40% (850) are women. The organisation is supported by agronomists and rural development experts, lawyers, accountants and computer scientists. Its mission is clear: to fight unemployment and poverty and to promote lasting peace in and around the Kivu region.Character and tasteKivu 3 has a creamy body with a clear, fruity acidity. This excellent coffee is underlined by a delicate lemon note and chocolatey-nutty hints in the finish. The correct preparation of Congo Coopade Kivu 3 BIO - 1 kg , whole bean is also crucial. Here's our tip: Use Congo Coopade Kivu 3 BIO - 1 kg, whole bean and leave it to brew at a temperature of approx.
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