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Did you know?

The history of tea

Fresh tea, like so many pleasures popular to this day, springs from creativity in times of need. As tea and coffee were sometimes unaffordable for the population after wars, crises or other political blockades and entanglements, they brewed dried fruits like tea leaves and consumed them as delicious iced tea. The Früchtetee that emerged from this inventive spirit is still on everyone's lips today. From childhood onwards, fresh tea, whether warm or chilled as Icetea, accompanies families through their everyday lives and always provides sweet moments of pleasure.

Definition - What is so special about tea?

True tea experts find it difficult to really accept fresh tea as tea. The reason for this lies in the composition of these tea blends. For the most part, they consist of dried fruits and plant parts, which do not contain any original tea leaves. and offer the right variety or blend for an iced tea due to the large variety of different types. Iced teas like Icetea are sold as loose tea blends. This makes it easy to take your favourite tea to the office, where all you need is hot water to make hot tea or cool iced tea.

Is fruit tea healthier than other teas?

Another characteristic of fruit tea is the fact that it contains neither teein nor caffeine as ice tea. This means that this iced tea drink can be drunk throughout the day and also in the evening or at night without stimulating the circulation and causing sleepless nights.

Calories contained in tea

Furthermore, this tea has a very low calorie content and can also be enjoyed without sweeteners. This makes the tea very popular as an iced tea or as a warm drink at all times of the year, especially with children and their parents. Prepared as iced tea in summer, it is not difficult for small children or older people to drink enough in warm temperatures.

Why the drying and size of the fruit is crucial for fresh tea?

Fruit and plants that are intended for fruit tea and iced tea are often dried on site in the sun or in special storage facilities immediately after harvesting. By removing the water contained in the fruit, it is preserved without losing its original flavour. This, as well as the colourings contained in the tea, is revived by pouring hot water over it and released into the tea. Drying usually takes several days, during which the fruit must be turned over and over again so that no liquid remains unnoticed and sets the fermentation process in motion. Since the peels of the fruit are dried and processed, the vitamin content remains largely unchanged. Once dried, the fruits are cut to the desired size. While smaller pieces from 2 millimetres in diameter are preferred in tea bags, the size for the fruit pieces in loose tea blends may well be 15 millimetres. However, a larger diameter has no effect on the taste.

Drying fruit tea

  • Fruits or plants are often dried directly quickly after harvesting.
  • By drying the harvest of fruits, aromas, colours and flavours are preserved for the later fruit tea.
  • The cutting of the fruit takes place shortly after drying in order to bind the aroma as quickly as possible

The taste of fruit tea

In addition to the individual composition, the taste of tea made from fruit is also due to the contained ätheric oils and flavours added later. While the essential oils are naturally present in the fruit, the other flavours are added after drying. This can be necessary, for example, if a harvest turns out badly or too little sunlight has an effect on the taste of the fruit. The taste of fresh tea or iced tea can be changed by adding spices. These are included in the tea blends either finely ground or whole and give off an unmistakable aroma as soon as the packaging is opened. Among the most popular spices are vanilla and cinnamon for winter tea blends.

Fresh tea and proper storage

To ensure that the flavour of tea made from fruit for hot and cold drinks such as iced tea remains unchanged for as long as possible after the packaging has been opened, storage plays a decisive role. The container should therefore be as airtight as possible to keep the aromas inside. In general, however, it can be said that once fresh tea has been exposed to the air, the flavour will be significantly reduced within weeks. This is not least due to the fact that the dried fruit is susceptible to absorbing water vapours, which can settle inside and influence the taste.

  1. Use an airtight container to protect your tea.
  2. Excellent tea caddies can be ordered cheaply from
  3. Avoid places which are exposed to water vapour or moisture.

Variety - The most popular blends for fruit tea

Even though the packaging may say cherry tea, cherries are often just some of the ingredients in a tea blend for a successful fruit tea or iced tea. Whether apple, rosehip or berry fruit, all the ingredients of a blend contribute to creating a full-bodied flavour that has both sweet and tart components. In combination, the result is a tea that appeals to all the senses and will also give great pleasure to the taste buds on the tongue.

Fruit tea varieties. The mixture makes the difference!

For many decades, rose hip and mallow tea have been among the most popular fresh tea. Berries such as blueberries, blackberries and raspberries are also becoming increasingly popular. These are easy to dry, for one thing, and give the tea a very appealing colour. New trends in nutrition are also constantly being incorporated by manufacturers into delicious fruit teas. In the recent past, for example, this included the tea blend cherry-banana. The use of blends also serves to ensure the quality of the individual varieties. As the tea is very dependent on the taste of the individual fruit varieties, a poor harvest or other circumstances should not lead to a noticeable change in taste for the consumer.

The effects of fresh tea from the body

Like many other teas, fresh tea´s are repeatedly said to have medicinal effects. Ähnlich ist es bei unseren köstlichen Kräutertee Variationen aus unserem Onlineshop Dies ist nicht zuletzt auch den enthaltenen Vitaminen, Mineralstoffen und Spurenelemente zu verdanken. In combination, these can have a calming effect on children, for example, and at the same time provide them with valuable nutrients. This pure natural feeling with every cup also noticeably increases the well-being of adults. The greatest benefit for the body itself, however, comes from drinking the most unhealthy fruits possible. In addition to the positive ingredients, these also supply the body with the fluid needed to maintain all important body functions. So that drinking the tea is not too difficult in summer, it can also be enjoyed chilled as iced tea.

Why organic cultivation is important for the enjoyment of fresh tea:

Whether in supermarkets or tea shops, the number of organically grown tea is increasing almost daily. This is due on the one hand to a general increase in demand for organic products and on the other hand to a more conscious taste experience. This is mainly due to the fact that no insecticides or other chemical substances are used, which can get into the later tea or iced tea during the drying process. In order to obtain really good quality for iced tea and the like, it is important not only to trust the term organic, but also to look for the appropriate seals and symbols on the packaging. In addition, the tea should really be 100% organic. This includes all fruits, the parts of the plant and any natural aromas used. The unpolluted flavour of the dried tea, on the other hand, is particularly noticeable when using iced tea. The individual flavours are also much better developed when dried than with conventionally grown fruit.

Why organic fruit tea?

  1. The enjoyment of organic fruit teas leads to a better taste experience.
  2. Fürchtetee according to strict organic and European criteria allows them a natural tea enjoyment.
  3. If fruit tea is used in a cooled variation in the form of iced tea, the natural flavours come into their own better.
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The right way to prepare fresh tea

Even if fresh tea can be slightly reminiscent of juice and is often used to make iced tea, it should only be made with hot water.  this also applies to our delicious monocräuter creations, and should be poured over the future iced tea while still bubbling. This ensures that the dried fruit sticks contained in the tea swell up as quickly as possible and release their aroma and colouring into the tea. Depending on the variety and the degree of drying, up to five minutes can pass before this happens. This means that fresh tea has to steep longer than other varieties. How long this ultimately takes depends entirely on the taste of each individual tea drinker. If the fresh tea is used as iced tea, a longer brewing time is necessary to ensure an intense colour and aroma. Otherwise, the chilled iced tea tastes slightly colourless.

Basics for preparing iced tea:

  • Make sure that your tea has as much room as possible to unfold in your cup or teapot.
  • For brewing tea we recommend the tea filters from
  • Fresh tea can be brewed twice without any problems.
  • Since through our high quality standard particularly much value on aroma and quality is set.
  • ImPORTANT!: Please note that boiling hot water must be used when brewing tea. Only then you get a safe food

Pouring fresh tea for the second time

Depending on how long the tea has been steeped, there is often enough flavour left in the tea to brew it a second time. This is also the case with herbal teas. In the case of fresh tea it should be kept on a small dessert plate to avoid contamination. In addition, there should be no more than one day between the first and second infusion, as the now softened fruit pieces are naturally subject to a natural decomposition process. For the preparation of refreshing iced tea, the second infusion should also be made with hot water. This is the only way to ensure that any germs or bacteria do not get into the later iced tea.

It's easy to make your own healthy iced tea for the summer with fruit tea


Switching off in summer and quenching your thirst is particularly easy with fresh tea. The delicious scent of the fruit combined with the appetising colours is an invitation to give free rein to creativity and invent delicious iced tea recipes. To do this, simply cool the iced tea a little after brewing and then chill it in the fridge to the right temperature. If this is not cold enough for you, you can make the Icetea a real summer highlight by adding ice cubes. To ensure that the flavour of the Icetea does not lose its intensity due to the slowly melting ice cubes, the iced tea can also be used to make the ice cubes. The same applies to fruit or fresh fruit, which gives the iced tea an additional fruity note.

  • Let your hot tea cool down gently
  • Let them use ice to make their drink „ice cold“.

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Fürchtetee is one of the most popular teas in Germany. Born out of necessity, it is still a pleasure for big and small. Order our tea creations also in organic quality in our online shop especially cheap and fast.

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