Perú Gourmet "Finca Rosenheim" coffee in the presentation

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Tanzania "Kilimanjaro" coffee in presentation
Origin and plantationTanzanian coffees belong to the washed Central and East African coffee family. Due to a lack of infrastructure, especially compared to Kenya, it is often difficult to get hold of good coffees from this origin. We are therefore particularly pleased to be able to present this speciality from the northern regions of the country. The Kilimanjaro region, where these wonderfully aromatic beans ripen, offers the best climatic conditions for coffee cultivation in Tanzania.Character and tasteOur full-bodied Tanzania Kilimanjaro delights with an excellent, full and sweet aroma with fruity acidity.
28,15 EUR
28,15 EUR per 1kg
coffee nicaragua flores del cafe 1 kg - whole bean
Origin and plantationThis coffee, produced exclusively by women, is the key to the goal of the Women's Project Association: to improve the quality of life of its members. Because the coffee "Flores del Café" helps them to get a legal title to their land. This land ownership is a prerequisite to get access to credits or loans for economic projects. Land is usually passed down from father to son. If women also own land, this provides more income and a better quality of life for the families.This is supported and promoted by Flores del Café.Character and tasteThis Arabica inspires with a light acidity, without any bitterness. A nutty flavour and a fine cherry note are perfectly rounded off by a creamy, smooth finish that will make you dream.
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23,91 EUR per 1kg