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Origin and plantationDiscerning coffee connoisseurs have long been delighted by the 300 top Arabica varieties.The approximately 300 top Arabica varieties have long been delighting the most discerning coffee connoisseurs. One of the country's most renowned coffee-growing regions is located south of Costa Rica's capital - San José. The cultivation area bears the name Tarrazu. South of the capital San José lies our cultivation region Tarrazu, one of the most renowned in the country. When Columbus dropped anchor in Costa Rica (Spanish: "rich coast"), there was no coffee here yet. The first coffee plant was imported from Cuba about 250 years ago. One hundred coffee trees, that's how many there are for every inhabitant of Costa Rica. Today, there are over a hundred coffee trees for every head of population in Costa Rica. The nation is a coffee country of superlatives: Costa Rica was the first Central American state to rely on scientific and agricultural innovations and to bring the cultivation and processing procedures to a level that is exemplary worldwide.Character and tasteThe "Costa Rica Tarrazu" derives its international recognition from its very expressive aromatic flavour, which is easy on the stomach due to the artisan roasting process. The aroma profile of this coffee, with its exemplary character, is complemented by a harmonic body. Costa Rica Tarrazu" is one of the best coffees in the world.
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