Espresso "Don Vito" coffee in the illustration

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Espresso No. 3 coffee in the illustration
Origin and plantationThis espresso blend rounds off our espresso range and brings full strength and spice to the cup. The special impact of this espresso results from a dry-processed African Robusta, which has a slightly earthy-woody, very individual character. In this blend, it is accompanied by a harmoniously soft Brazilian coffee.Character and tasteAll lovers of southern Italian espresso have been waiting for this coffee. Our Espresso No. 3 captivates with its full strength and spiciness, which lasts long after consumption. 30% of the coffee is African Robusta, which guarantees a full aroma. Surprise friends and lovers of "Italian coffee" with this blend at a sensational price.
23,43 EUR
23,43 EUR per 1kg
Espresso Siciliano Coffee in the illustration
Origin and plantationThe richness of South American coffees paired with the earthy tartness of Asia result in the appealingly strong bouquet in our Espresso Siciliano, which gives this spirited blend its name.Character and tasteThe dark-roasted bean offers the intense, strong and spicy taste that is so appreciated by espresso lovers. The impressively spirited cup of Espresso Siciliano makes it the optimal coffee for an intense cappuccino or latte macchiato.
17,14 EUR
17,14 EUR per 1kg