Costa Rica "Tarrazu" FCJ Volcán Azúl Coffee in presentation

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Antigua "Terra Rossa" Coffee in the illustration
Origin and plantationOur Guatemala coffee comes from the Antigua coffee-growing region, which is famous for its outstanding quality and is probably the best known. Most of Guatemala's coffee plantations are located in the south of the country; the volcanic mountain slopes of the Sierra Madra with their fertile soils offer ideal conditions for Arabica beans. Coffee from Guatemala has always been among the best in the world. Coffee once led the country into prosperity. Thanks to the triumph of gourmet coffee in the USA, Guatemala is now a leading producer of high-quality gourmet coffees.Character and tasteThe "Terra Rossa" has a fine and fruity taste acidity with a pronounced full body. Its complex, rich aroma surrounds a harmonious mildness. In the aftertaste, its light cocoa note comes to the fore.
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29,72 EUR per 1kg