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Nicaragua Maragogype Superior Giants coffee in the illustration
This Maragogype comes from the region of Jinotega, where it is grown and harvested on small ficas in the Vilcanese soil at an altitude of over 1,500 metres. It matures at an altitude of 1,500 metres on volcanic soil and is harvested and processed on small fincas. Nicaragua has long been an insider's tip among connoisseurs for high-quality coffee. The coffee cherries are harvested by hand in up to eight passes. In the mountainous regions, only the ripe coffee cherries are harvested by hand in up to eight passes. Because blossoming, unripe and ripe cherries all hang from the same coffee bush, this time-consuming process is repeated several times. This is necessary because not all cherries are ripe at the same time, but rather flowers, green and already ripe cherries can hang on a coffee bush. The Maragogype trees are less productive than conventional coffee plants; in some coffee-growing regions, their cultivation is therefore neglected or abandoned altogether. The largest part of the state consists of a depression that runs through the entire country and is an earthquake zone in its southwestern part, a fault zone of volcanic origin. A chain of volcanoes, some of which are still slightly active, stretches from the great lakes in the south-east of the country to the Gulf of Fonseca, on the border with Guatemala.Character and tasteIn our search for ever better coffee qualities, we found this Nicaraguan Maragogype. Due to the fascinating, evenly sized bean, we chose the Nicaragua Maragogype over the Mexican elephant bean. In the cup, too, this coffee is far ahead of the Mexico Maragogype. Nicaraguan coffee is spicy and almost creamy and finds its way into the cups of Japanese and American coffee lovers. But this coffee is also very popular with coffee connoisseurs here.
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