Chilli Chocolate coffee in the presentation

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Ethiopia "Wild Grown Kafa Forest" Coffee in illustration
Origin and plantationWhere the coffee has its wild origin – in the south-western part of Ethiopia – lies the Kafa region, which gave the coffee its name. There, the coffee grows at altitudes of 1,400 to 2,100 m above sea level, mostly wild in the deep forests of the province and almost without human interference. This forest coffee is mainly naturally processed, i.e. cleaned whole and then dried by the sun.Character and tasteEthiopian coffee has a spicy, strong aroma, rounded off by a medium acidity and a chocolaty, heavy richness. In contrast to its brother from Sidamo, this coffee has a light acidity, a rounded taste and a pleasant fruitiness.
26,02 EUR
26,02 EUR per 1kg
Chocolate Cream coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationLike all our flavoured coffees, "Chocolate Cream" is a high-quality composition of the finest Arabica beans from Central and South America.Character and tasteThis exquisite 100% Arabica blend combines the expressive coffee and chocolate aroma to create a racy, intense taste experience. The coordinated blend of roasted coffees brings a pleasant sweetness to this new flavour variety. A welcome change for every coffee table.Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100% Arabica), flavour.
30,10 EUR
30,10 EUR per 1kg
Almond-cherry-chocolate coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationFinest highland coffee from (100 % Arabica) beans, gently roasted at low temperature in our own roastery, forms the basis for this excellent coffee creation.Character and tasteA perfect interplay of aromas from sun-ripened cherries, coated in chocolate with a hint of almond. This taste experience is reminiscent of a noble praline and will delight you.Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100% Arabica), flavour.
25,38 EUR
25,38 EUR per 1kg
Strawberry Cheesecake Coffee in the presentation
Origin and plantationOnly the best Arabica beans from Central and South America are gently roasted for this coffee creation in our in-house roastery. The fine aromas of the coffee form the perfect basis for our Strawberry–Cheesecake. An ideal accompaniment to your favourite dessert.Character and tasteThe taste of fruity strawberries and creamy cheesecake come together in this heavenly creation, guaranteeing a top-level taste experience. This fabulously sweet experience will delight you –again and again.Ingredients: Roasted coffee (100% Arabica), flavour.
25,38 EUR
25,38 EUR per 1kg