White tea

This tea blend consists of white and green tea and gives a very special fine tea taste, which connoisseurs appreciate.

Preparation & storage of white tea

The preparation of white tea is similar to that of green tea: very hot water is not recommended as it destroys the high vitamin C content and should be cooled to 75 degrees before infusing. Adding lemon juice is also recommended for the absorption of polyphenols. Between eight and eleven grams are used per litre of water, the infusion time is at least one minute, but should not exceed five minutes. Personal taste and the variety are decisive here, and those who wish can vary the infusion, the temperature of the water and the infusion time. Several infusions are possible, each of which produces a different taste. The preparation in brief:

  • 75 degree water is ideal
  • 8-11g of tea leaves are needed for 1 litre of water
  • 1-5 minutes brewing time
  • several infusions possible
  • add lemon juice if needed

White tea should always be stored in a dry place and protected from light and dust. It is recommended to store it in an opaque box, which preserves the aroma and flavour very reliably.

Did you know?

White tea is a type of tea that is only very slightly fermented and is produced mainly in China, India and Africa. Fermentation is a natural process during the wilting of the leaves, but is consistently prevented here. The tea is oxidised by certain enzymes. White tea owes its name to the silky, very soft down that covers the still young buds of the plant. The quality depends on the quality of the leaves and particularly high-quality varieties only allow the use of the buds, which means a lot of effort and, of course, higher prices.

The leaves are plucked by hand and then left to grow for several hours. On special mats, the wilting process is only allowed for a short time at a humidity of more than 60 per cent, because after just a few hours, the leaves are dried, sorted and dried again at about 130 degrees Celsius.

The taste is very mild and pleasant, but can vary depending on the growing region and the use of the leaves. White tea contains caffeine and theophylline.

Customer Service

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