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Roibos tea is certainly one of the most popular teas in the world. This is mainly due to the fact that it is considered to be äußerst bekömmlich and is also very suitable for children. Here in the tea shop of you can order a particularly fine selection of organic rooibos tea online. This also applies to our delicious and favourable herbal teas.

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Roibos tea tastes delicious and is healthy

Roibos tea comes from South Africa and is made from the leaves and shoot tips of the shrub of the same name. It is also considered the national drink there. After fermentation, the tea looks similar to black tea. As with our inexpensive Lapacho tea, which you can order quickly and easily here at, rooibos tea also has no caffeine.

Enjoy rooibos tea and benefit from its many advantages

  • Ribosh tea contains many minerals such as zinc.
  • The tea is also an ideal thirst quencher as it has isotonic properties
  • Roibostea can be drunk both hot and cold.
  • Roibos tea contains no caffeine and no tannins. It is therefore particularly well suited for children or pregnant women, among others.

Delicious rooibos blends offer pure variety


Here at you will find pure rooibos teas as well as many flavoured varieties. The selection ranges from vanilla and orange to almond and cherry. A good example is our Roibush African Summer, which is flavoured with mango and orange, among other things.

Roibos tea preparation is quick and easy

Roibos tea can be enjoyed hot or cold. In general, however, it must first be brewed with boiling water. As the rooibos tea does not contain any tannins, it can generally steep longer without tasting bitter. However, we recommend a brewing time of two to three minutes for the full aroma experience.

Buy delicious Roibush tea in our tea shop: Take advantage!

  1. High quality selection of rooibos teas and rooibos tea blends.
  2. Detailed product descriptions and preparation instructions
  3. Possibility to have the rooibos tea gift-wrapped right away.
  4. Competent advice from our staff
  5. Tea can be ordered in various packaging sizes (up to 1.5 kilos) at any time.

Order cheap rooibos tea: Tea Shop is always fast and reliable


From now on, you can enjoy the many different types of rooibos tea from our Tea Shop range to the full. In addition to pure rooibos teas, you can also choose from seasonal blends (e.g. winter teas). In addition, at we also offer organic rooibos teas, which always meet the very highest ecological and social standards. Therefore, order your personal favourite tea from our Roibush tea department today.

Customer service

If you have any questions about our teas, need more information about the sales process or would like to give us feedback, one of our staff will be happy to help.

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