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Preparation & Storage of Lapacho Tea

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Lapacho tea is a rather exotic tea variety in this country, but you should definitely not miss it. After all, the ancient Incas already knew about the benefits of this very special tea. Here in the tea shop of we have put together a fine selection of Lapacho tea. This also applies to our cheap Matcha Tea.
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Lapacho tea healing properties: That's why it's so healthy!

The Lapacho tea comes from South America and is considered a real all-round drink there. It is made from the bark of the tree of the same name. our inexpensive herbal teas, lapacho tea can also be used to treat colds or digestive problems.

Lapacho tea has many benefits

  • Lapacho tea is a real all-rounder and has a health-promoting effect
  • Preparation is simple and offers many variations
  • Lapacho tea is considered very popular and can be drunk at any time of the day.
  • Lapacho tea blends provide for versatile taste compositions.

Lapacho tea is available pure and as a blend


In our shop you can order pure Lapacho tea or buy flavoured variants. These include Lapacho Orange Tea, which has been flavoured with fine orange peel and aroma. Comparable to our various and inexpensive Roibush tea variations, you can enjoy a particularly gentle tea that is suitable for all ages.

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When it comes to Lapacho tea, the most important thing is to prepare it correctly. To do this, first bring a litre of water to the boil and add two lightly hopped cubes of Lapacho tea. First boil the mixture for about five minutes. After that, the tea should steep for about 20 minutes before you filter out the brew.

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Discover the many benefits of our Lapacho tea here in the shop of After all, this is a real all-rounder that tastes good at any time and is good for your health. Look out for our other tea variations (e.g. matcha tea), which you can also order here in a large selection.

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