Tea blends in bulk packs are very popular for the company, the business or the extended family at home. Classics such as Early Morning Tea or Breakfast Tea have been put together with exquisite teas for you.

Did you know?

The tea taster is an expert in the field of tea blending. A good scale, eye, nose, mouth and a large portion of intuition are his tools of the trade. His goal is to create blends with a consistent taste. The tea taster selects the individual varieties in such a way that the blend acquires a very individual fine aroma. The advantages of many varieties are combined with each other. Perhaps you too will discover your „Meisterstück“ from our range;

Customer service

If you have any questions about our blends, need more information about the sales process, or want to give us feedback, one of our staff members will be happy to help.

Service hotline: 0172/ 9149105.



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