Assam teas

With Assam teas you can surprise your guests. In our online shop as a bulk pack at a fair price/performance ratio!

Did you know?

Two hundred kilometres from Darjeeling on the border with China, Burma and Bangladesh lies Assam with its more than 1,000 tea gardens. It was here on this plateau on the banks of the Brahmaputra that the wild tea plants (Thea Assamica), about 30 m high, were discovered around 1820. English planters began to cultivate the area, which was still covered by dense jungle. Today, almost a third of India's tea is harvested here. The climate is humid and warm. From April to September, torrential rains pour down and the thermometer reaches temperatures of up to 35 degrees. In this large natural greenhouse grows a tea that has shaped the tea habits of many nations with its strong malty character and dark infusion. Assam teas have a malty taste. The infusion is dark and is often refined with a little cream. Because of its spicy taste, it is often used as the basis for excellent blends. Assam tea forms the basis of all East Frisian blends.

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